Startup Market Readiness Program

Modules comprise of all capsule courses bundled together
Business Review Plan
Connect With Mentor
Capsule Courses
  1. Introduction
  2. Problem Statement
  3. Value Proposition
  4. Product Market Fit
  5. Channels
  6. Customer Relationships
  7. Customer Segments
  8. Key Activities
  9. Key Partners
  10. Key Resources
  11. Revenue Streams
  12. Cost Structure
  13. Wrapping up & Next Steps


1 Session
No Access


3 Session
Access to all module


5 Session
Access to all module


7 Session
Access to all module

You may also choose individual modules and customise the program as per your needs

You may book individual sessions with mentors to take a deep dive and get personal advice on each aspeect of your business

  • Mentor Connect (45min per session)         - +

You can choose individual capsule modules that you may require guidance or support to take your startup to the next level

  • 1 Introduction ₹5000
  • 2 Introduction ₹5000
  • 3 Problem Statements ₹5000
  • 4 Problem Statements ₹5000
  • 5 Value Proposition ₹5000
  • 6 Value Proposition ₹5000
  • 7 Product Market Fit ₹5000
  • 8 Product Market Fit ₹5000
  • 9 Channels ₹5000
  • 10 Channels ₹5000
  • 11 Customer Relationship ₹5000
  • 12 Customer Relationship ₹5000
  • 13 Customer Segments ₹5000
  • 14 Customer Segments ₹5000
  • 15 Key Activities ₹5000
  • 16 Key Activities ₹5000
  • 17 Key Partners ₹5000
  • 18 Key Partners ₹5000
  • 19 Key Resources ₹5000
  • 20 Key Resources ₹5000
  • 21 Revenue Streams ₹5000
  • 22 Revenue Streams ₹5000
  • 23 Cost Structure ₹5000
  • 24 Cost Structure ₹5000
  • 25 Conclusion ₹5000
  • 26 Conclusion ₹5000

FAQs ( See All... )

Question:) Who is this program for?


This program is for:
• Aspiring entrepreneurs looking for knowledge and tools to launch a startup.
• Budding entrepreneurs looking for insights to go from ideation to product development and beyond.
• Established entrepreneurs looking to identify and overcome knowledge gaps to achieve growth.
Anyone at any stage of a startup journey can benefit from this program. You can do the program in toto or choose only the relevant parts to customize it for your specific needs.

Question:) How will this program help me and my startup? Why should I enrol ?


You should enrol in this program if:

  • You have been wanting to set up your own startup but don’t know where and how to start.

  • You have already tried setting up your business but are facing challenges and don’t know how to overcome them.

  • You would rather take the tried-and-tested path and taste success than take shots in the dark and make common, avoidable mistakes that make most startups fail.

  • You want expert guidance and support to make your entrepreneurial journey smoother, faster, and easier.

Question:) I don’t have a startup yet. Can I still enrol ?


Absolutely. Startups can save a whole lot of time, money and sweat, and taste success sooner, by starting right. This program helps you do just that by equipping you with information and tools to convert raw ideas into a solid business model.

Question:) My startup already has customers. Do I stand to gain anything from your program ?


Congratulations. You have already achieved an important milestone. Our program will help you achieve the subsequent ones. You will learn how to increase your revenue and form mutually beneficial business partnerships to scale your business and increase your chances of getting funding.


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