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Launch your start-up:An easy step by step guide to building your business from ideation to market fit.

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Welcome to SMRP!

i2MF’s Startup Market Readiness Program is a hands-on learning program for startup founders to expedite their journey from ideation to market fit. The program concentrates on the most essential elements of developing a new business model or refining an existing one.

By basing its product development on actual information rather than mere assumptions and intuition, a startup is better positioned to achieve product-market fit and become a success story instead of ending up as an also-ran.

Join the program to channelize your time and energy into productive efforts to develop and launch a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that meets the needs of the market. Learn how to find new customers and retain existing ones. Explore different revenue streams and find out how to make money from them. Learn a number of often overlooked issues to maximize your chances of finding entrepreneurial success.

A comprehensive learning package

Get your startup ready for the market. Get to know your customers and their needs. Understand your startup better. Work on your startup’s strengths and fix the weaknesses. Test and validate your assumptions in the real world. Avoid common pitfalls. Find expert guidance and get the knowledge and the confidence to turn your brilliant startup idea into a winning model of success.

The Startup Market Readiness Program packs a lot of punch.

Self-paced learning

Learn online from a location of your choice for as many hours a day or week as you like.

Concise learning material

Get the most essential information and tips on the all-important aspects of running a startup business.

Live mentoring sessions

Get one-on-one feedback and advice from industry leaders with 50+ years of cumulative experience setting up startups and investing in and advising unicorns like Zomato and Policybazaar.

Concrete outcomes

By the end of the program, have in your startup toolkit a thoroughly-researched, well-designed Business Model Canvas and other handy tools to pitch your idea to investors and customers.

Learn by doing

Successful startups have one thing in common. They test their assumptions early and often and change course when needed. The Startup Market Readiness Program requires you to do the same.

From one module to the next, you:

  • Assess your startup on a set of questions relating to a building block of the Business Model Canvas.
  • Learn all about the building block and get tips on how to do things.
  • Revise and update your self-assessment based on what you learn from the module and the real world.

At the end of the program, you have in hand a well-researched Business Model Canvas of your startup that puts all the pieces of the startup puzzle in place for you to get a nice, orderly view of your startup.

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Entrepreneurship program to boost entrepreneurial thinking

This Startup Market Readiness Program is for you if you are:

  • An aspiring entrepreneur looking for knowledge and tools to launch a startup.
  • A budding entrepreneur looking for insights to go from ideation to product development and beyond.
  • An established entrepreneur looking to identify and overcome knowledge gaps to achieve growth.

Anyone at any stage of a startup journey can benefit from this program. You can do the program in toto or choose only the relevant parts to customize it for your specific needs.


The outcomes

The Startup Market Readiness Program will help you:

  • Test and validate your startup idea
  • Identify target customers and create customer personas
  • Identify potential revenue streams and increase revenue
  • Create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Build mutually beneficial business partnerships
  • Determine your cost structure
  • Increase your user base and retain existing users
  • Design a compelling business model from start to finish
  • Identify and fix overlooked issues in your existing business model

Why enroll?

You should enroll in the Startup Market Readiness Program if:

  • You have been wanting to set up your own startup but don’t know where and how to start.
  • You have already tried setting up your business but are facing challenges and don’t know how to overcome them
  • You would rather take the tried-and-tested path and taste success than take shots in the dark and make common, avoidable mistakes that make most startups fail.
  • You want expert guidance and support to make your entrepreneurial journey smoother, faster, and easier.

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The program structure

The Startup Market Readiness Program is composed of 13 modules based on the famous and tried-and-tested Business Model Canvas.

Get introduced to the concepts of business model, business plan, revenue model, and business model canvas (BMC).
This is a bonus module. Learn what a problem statement is, why it matters, and how to write one.
This is a bonus module. Learn about market types, problem-market fit, and Minimum Viable Product.
This is the first building block of BMC. Learn to identify your target customers and create customer personas.
Spell out the value you are offering and learn to craft a winning value proposition.
Discover different distribution and marketing channels and learn to select channels to reach your customers.
Find out what kinds of customer relationships to build and learn how to get, keep and grow customers.
Discover the different ways of making money. Learn how to choose a revenue stream and a pricing strategy.
Find out what key resources mean and how to determine your key resources.
Learn what different kinds of activities you can do to create and deliver your product.
Learn how to form partnerships with other businesses and the risks and benefits of doing so.
This is the last building block of BMC. Discover different cost types and learn to determine your cost structure.
Learn to write a product/business summary and Twitter pitch and to create a pitch deck. Find out what to do next.

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The team

i2mf i2mf i2mf
Vivek Khare

Co-founder and Mentor

Technologist, investor, mentor, advisor… Vivek is a man of many parts. After cutting his teeth as Technology Head at Info Edge and Business Head at, he took on the role of VP Corporate Development at Infoedge and invested in and mentored unicorns like Zomato and Policybazaar and other successful startups like Meritnation, Happily Unmarried, Canvera, and Jaypore.

Having learnt all about the consumer market on the job, Vivek knows a good investment when he sees one. As a lead investor, he has helped build many successful online businesses, including VastraApp, MEDdelivery, and He is one of the most successful angel investors out there, with a portfolio of 25 something startups.

As a co-founder of i2MF, Vivek is set to mentor you to success like he has many other budding entrepreneurs.

i2mf i2mf i2mf

Co-founder and Mentor

Long before she decided to set out on her own entrepreneurial voyage, Deepali was already working with raw ideas and building businesses from the ground up. Having been one of the core members of, she headed and curated successful businesses like and

With more than 25 years of experience in the domains of education and human resources, Deepali’s strength lies in finding solutions to challenges related to choosing careers. From defining vision and strategy, performing feasibility studies, and gathering business requirements to modeling a business process, collecting and organizing data, and performing gap analysis, Deepali has worked at every stage of a project lifecycle.

With i2MF, Deepali is here to use her long years of diverse experience to help startup founders navigate the choppy waters of setting up and growing a business as smoothly as possible.

i2mf i2mf i2mf
Harry Saundh


Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of ExpertRating Solutions, with a Master's degree in Computer Science, Harry is an accomplished technology leader focused on yielding product growth through engineering.

In a career spanning over 25 years, Harry has created numerous scalable and resilient software across industries and is as passionate about building web applications as he is about building highly engaged, diversified, and impactful engineering teams and organizations.

As a technology enthusiast, Harry keeps an eye on the latest and emerging technologies and, as a serial entrepreneur, he makes sure to convert them into opportunities to build highly-scalable, distributed systems to support product growth.

i2mf i2mf i2mf
Ravi Saundh


Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of ExpertRating Solutions, Ravi is an astute entrepreneur who has a strong ability to sense and seize opportunities before others do. Starting with a small company back in 2000, he has used his strategic planning and management skills to forge alliances with leading job boards and marketplaces such as, Upwork,, Fiverr, and Flexjobs, making his company their preferred skills assessment partner.

With over two decades of experience, Ravi has made his experimental company of two people and 50 skill assessment tests grow into a profitable company of 30 employees and 800+ tests. In spite of his professional success, Ravi has never stopped learning. He added a second MBA (in entrepreneurship from Imperial College London) to his list of credentials when he had already become firmly established as an entrepreneur.

i2mf i2mf i2mf
Lokesh Bitra


An alumnus of National Institute of Design, Lokesh is a product designer by trade and an entrepreneur at heart. From ideation to adoption, he has experience in all aspects of digital product design and has created diverse products, ranging from daily use applications for clients like Nokia to enterprise products for clients like Vanenburg. During his stint at Info Edge, he spearheaded the UX team and handled the company’s transition from legacy systems to a user-centered approach.

Lokesh is a passionate advocate of usability, appropriateness, and sustainability in design. He teaches at design schools as visiting faculty and conducts workshops for senior professionals in design thinking and for industrialists in product ergonomics and interface design.

Meet Our Team

Vivek Khare

Mentor in Chief

i2mf i2mf

Technologist, investor, mentor, advisor… Vivek is a man of many parts. After cutting his teeth as

Read More
Deepali Singh

Mentor in Chief

i2mf i2mf

Long before she decided to set out on her own entrepreneurial voyage, Deepali was already working with raw ideas

Read More
Harry Saundh

Mentor in Chief

i2mf i2mf

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of ExpertRating Solutions, with a Master's degree in Computer Science,

Read More
Ravi Saundh

Co-Founder & Mentor

i2mf i2mf

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of ExpertRating Solutions, Ravi is an astute entrepreneu

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Lokesh B


i2mf i2mf

An alumnus of the National Institute of Design, Lokesh is a product designer by trade and an entrepreneur

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We offer different pricing plans that are designed to give you the freedom to choose what best suits your needs.

Price i2mf

Complete learning material (13 modules): i2mf

Business review pane i2mf

Diagnostics i2mf

Mentor connect i2mf




No access

1 session

i2mf Complete learning material (13 modules):

i2mf Business review pane


i2mfMentor connect(1 season)



Access to all modules

3 session

i2mf Complete learning material (13 modules):/p>

i2mf Business review pane

i2mf Diagnostics

i2mf Mentor connect(3 season)




Access to all modules

5 session

i2mf Complete learning material (13 modules):/p>

i2mf Business review pane

i2mf Diagnostics

i2mf Mentor connect(5 season)




Access to all modules

7 session

i2mf Complete learning material (13 modules):/p>

i2mf Business review pane

i2mf Diagnostics

i2mf Mentor connect(7 season)


We also give you the flexibility to choose individual modules and add whatever the number of mentoring sessions you want to create a custom program for yourself. Each module is priced at ₹5,000 and each 45-minute mentoring session is priced at ₹35,000.

How to apply

Start by choosing a pricing plan that suits your needs. Then fill out a registration form to set up your i2MF account. Alternatively, you can first fill out the form and then choose a pricing plan or individual modules to create your custom program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Absolutely. Startups can save a whole lot of time, money and sweat, and taste success sooner, by starting right. This program helps you do just that by equipping you with information and tools to convert raw ideas into a solid business model.
A: Participating in this program is a great way for you to get your first exposure to the world of startups. The program will help you crystallize any vague business ideas you may have and avoid common pitfalls startups typically run into. The lifelong access you’ll have to the program means you’ll be able to keep coming back to it whenever you’ll have more concrete ideas to work with.
A: This depends on the outcome you achieve. Depending on where you are at the start of the program, we will help you:
  • Test and validate your business idea in the real world so you know whether there will be any takers and whether you stand a chance of success.
  • Build a minimum viable product (MVP) that you can get customers to sign up or pay for.
  • Get your first users and customers so that you have something concrete to get investors interested in your product/business

Startups that achieve the third outcome by the end of the program will become investor-ready. We will put such startups in touch with investors or introduce them to fundraising platforms.

A: By devoting two to three hours of your time a week, you can complete the program in about 8-10 weeks. You can, of course, devote more time each week and finish it sooner.
A: Yes, it’s entirely up to you to decide how fast you want to get to the end of the program. But please bear in mind that there are assessments in most modules that you must do to get real value from the program. And doing them will need time and effort.
A: Being a self-paced program, there are no time limits in which you are required to complete it.
A: This is for you to decide. An hour or two a day would be great. But an hour or two even in a week would be just fine. There are no requirements from our end.
A: Congratulations. You have already achieved an important milestone. Our program will help you achieve the subsequent ones. You will learn how to increase your revenue and form mutually beneficial business partnerships to scale your business and increase your chances of getting funding.
A: This program gives you more than just information. It gives you a framework in which to direct your efforts systematically. It gives you tools to test your hypotheses in the real world. And it comes with mentorship from industry leaders with a vast experience mentoring and guiding startups to success.
A: We don’t organize any such event at the moment. But we do regularly share updates on all such events wherever they are happening. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to receive news, updates, and helpful tips on startups and entrepreneurship.
A: This is a learning-by-doing program. There’ll be assessments for you to do at the start and end of most modules. The assessments are an indispensable part of the program. Skipping them would render the program meaningless.
A: There are quizzes in each module to help you gauge how much and how well you have learnt the concepts and topics covered in the respective module. There is no formal exam that you need to pass to complete the program. .
A: You will receive a certification of completion upon successfully completing the program.
A: Even if you don’t go on to set up a startup immediately or any time in the future, the learnings made and insights gained will help you with career growth and advancement.
A: Yes, you’ll be able to keep coming back to it whenever you’ll want.
A: Yes, you can. While filling out the registration form, you can mention the details of each co-founder and undergo the program collectively.
A: There is currently no provision for this. Our basic pricing plans are quite economically priced. You can choose the plan that best suits your requirements. Check out all our plans here.
A: As of now, we do not have the means to facilitate this.
A: You can request a refund within one week of making the payment provided you have not availed of any mentoring session.
A: We accept online and cheque payments.
A: Please write to us at and we will get back to you in 3-4 hours. You can also call us on 95995 52633 between 10 am and 6 pm from Monday to Friday.
A: This is a feature we do not currently have but would certainly like to offer in the future. Right now, please allow us 3-4 hours to get back to you with a reply.

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